BlueCloud Philanthropy for a Purpose®


  • An international good-will initiative and industry sustainability program established by patient and patient survivors which enables the modernization of the current healthcare and clinical research ecosystem by providing – underdeveloped countries – with the basic business and compliance services and technologies necessary to Deliver, Distribute, Implement and Track (DDIT) business and connectivity processes normally required by regulatory agencies using smart city building approaches worldwide. These basic infrastructures are provided FREE OF CHARGE to local hospitals, clinics, universities, not for profit organizations and other local industry stakeholders with the concept of leaving no patient behind.
  • The program began with BlueCloud Africa in 2018 and it is now expanding to other continents including India, Asia, South America and other underserved geographical locations. The “Philanthropy for a Purpose® initiative, includes but is not limited to providing Basic, HR, e-Learning, Education, Training, Connectivity Standards and globally accepted Diagnostic Standards of Care, along with personalized applications which empowers ownership of professional information, at no cost to healthcare professionals, hospitals, universities and not for profit organizations in order to minimize / eliminate the costs associated with regulatory requirements in clinical research, while improving human subject protection and patient safety.  BlueCloud Delivery, Distribution, Implementation and Tracking (DDIT) mechanisms are necessary to document business and regulatory requirements  for site capacity building and, along with BlueCloud Network Members, additional support requirements will continue to be identified to provide the necessary local infrastructure for compliance, business sustainability, promote local culture change and the desperate need to establish the local  modernization that will ultimately lead to industry sustainability and a transparent healthcare and clinical research ecosystem.
  • Program is furthermore sustainable using grants and other financial means.



  • To modernize the healthcare and clinical research system so that no patient is left behind no matter what race, religion, socio-economic status, political affiliation or geographical area by using modern connectivity models, empowering and incentivizing ownership and the sharing of information for business and compliance sustainability.



  • We are all going to be patients some day and we have a social and ethical responsibility to leave a better world for future generations!