Benjamin Y. Yao

Student in the University of Pennsylvania's dual-degree Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business, Class of 2024

““My mentoring experience with the PFP Policython was the key that moved my proposal from being theoretical to being actually implementable. The insights that I received from Anuradha Phase and Mimi Choon-Quinones on my solution framework also helped me to clearly see how my proposal could directly help the people I wanted.””

Iluore Askeomhe

3rd Year Medical Student at The Royal College of Surgeons Ireland EU

“"The mini-medical school program is a great way to give youth, a real taste of medicine without the added pressures and expectations! It made one of my first experiences of medicine enjoyable as it truly broadcasted the different avenues and grew my interest in the career at such a young age!"”

Tekla Kiszely

Strategic Marketing | Branding | Digital Marketing | Multichannel Engagement | Training | Pharmaceuticals | MedTech

“"The patient and caregiver webinar sessions were exciting opportunities to globally exchange insights, stimulate new ideas how we could support complex disease and well-being related challenges what patients face. I feel privileged to partner with “Partners for Patients NGO” and organize these online forums that created a heartfelt community despite the pandemic and geographical barriers. I look forward to working on the coming programs to assist its clients in the care of their patients."”

Sarah Gleisner

Western University | Bachelor of Science Double Major Biology/Psychology in 2020 | 1st Year Medical School UMHS St. Kitts

“The PFP Mini Medical School in partnership with Roche initiative at Holy Name of Mary College School (HNMCS) was amazingly well-developed and provided the students with an in-depth exposure to a wide variety of medical environments and field work.

My observer-ship with Dr. Shav Keshavjee gave me the chance to tour the Latner Thoracic Labs at Toronto General Hospital and witness a lung surgery as a high school student, far before any medical or even university student would. My medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic and Haiti allowed me the chance to assist in setting up clinics and providing relief to the communities of Pedernales and Anse-à-Pitres.

These opportunities, while illuminating and informative in themselves, have opened up many doors for me in my future career. I will forever be grateful to the dedicated leaders of Roche Canada including Dr. Mimi Choon-Quinones who personally sponsored the PFP Mini Medical Program in Partnership with Ronnie Miller, CEO and President, Roche Canada and Ms. Euginia Nicoletti who was the HNMCS teacher leader providing me with these one-of-a-kind experiences.”

Rebecca Lau

Holy Name of Mary College School Graduated Class of 2017 |BMSc 21’ Class of 2021 | Program Bachelor of Medical Sciences Western University in London, Ontario Canada | 1st Year Medical School University of Ottawa.

““The Mini-Med Mission trip has greatly broadened my horizons on the impact of health advocacy. Connecting with individuals of the Sãn Joaquin village exposed me to the many health and socioeconomic challenges that rural communities face. This global volunteer experience gave me the opportunity to collaborate with diverse individuals and work towards a common goal of advancing community health. The lessons learnt from this trip are life changing and will continue to shape my future career in the healthcare field."”

Alexandra Romanski

Holy Name of Mary College School '2015 | Queen’s University BScH & BA '2020 | Western University MPH (Master of Public Health) '2021

“"I am eternally grateful for the PFP Mini-Medical Program in partnership with Ronnie Miller (President and CEO) and HNMCS for lifting me up and supporting me in my dreams of a career in healthcare. This program offered me the opportunity get an in-depth view of not only medicine and surgery, through an observership with renowned thoracic surgeon, Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, but also the pharmaceutical industry through educational opportunities offered at the Roche Canada headquarters. There is no other program that offers such extensive opportunities to high school students and my participation in this program was a fundamental part of my subsequent decision to pursue STEM in higher education.

Ms. Euginia Nicoletti and Dr. Mimi Choon-Quinones were a large part of my positive experience with the program as they are phenomenal leaders whose thoughtful and dedicated mentorship and desire to educate the next generation of STEM professionals shines through clearly in the work they do.

I would not hesitate to recommend the PFP Mini-Medical Program in partnership with Ronnie Miller (President and CEO) and HNMCS program to any student looking to know more about healthcare and medicine."”

Gabrielle Fava

Holy Name of Mary College School Class of 2018 | Queen's University BSc. Life Science Major with Specialization in Biomedical Discovery - Class of 2022

“"From a young age, I knew I was interested in pursuing a career in medicine. The PFP Mini Medical School program at HNMCS in partnership with Ronnie Miller (President and CEO, Roche Canada) was an imperative part of encouraging me to pursue that interest through dissections and trips to hospitals and Roche Headquarters. The knowledge that I have gained about the proceedings of clinical trials, surgical skills and the pharmaceutical industry from the Mini Medical School program has given me an advantage in the university over my peers. I will forever be grateful for all of the experiences that the PFP Mini Medical School program at HNMCS in partnership with Ronnie Miller (President and CEO, Roche Canada) has given me!" ”

Daniel Panting

4th Year BioMedical Science - Student at University of Ottawa

“"The online learning provided by BlueCloud was an excellent experience. The user interface was intuitive and easy to use. With this system, I completed multiple learning modules that were necessary for the GCP certificate. Upon completing these courses, the achieved certificates were readily available within the BlueCloud GDPRWallet tab along with all the other certificates earned via the BlueCloud e-learning system. This tab also offers a valuable upload feature allowing a place to keep all work-related certificates together.

Overall, the BlueCloud system is easy to navigate and make e-learning on a multitude of topics easily accessible." ”