PROJECT CARE (Collaborate to Access Research Excellence)


Project Founder:    Dr. Mimi Choon-Quinones                  Project Leader:  Dr. Ryan Clemons                


  • Problem Statement
    • For many years the industry has lacked the ability to provide access to medical innovations for underserved communities in respect to race, socioeconomic status and other challenges. 
  • Aim
    • Advance Clinical Trials Education in 193 countries.  To modernize the clinical trial process in underserved communities.
  • Objective
    • To enable established healthcare providers to evolve their practices to become centralized and decentralized investigative sites in their underrepresented communities by providing long term sustainable infrastructures, technologies and services.
  • Solution
    • Implement 20 “pilot” clinical research sites of Centers of Excellence by 2022 year end.
    • Raise a minimum of $7.7 Million Euros (or US dollar equivalent) to achieve our mission
    • Continue our mission to implement clinical research sites in 100+ countries by 2032.

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