PFP.NGO’s Accelerating Global Health Equity Summit
January 20-24, 2025
Davos, Switzerland

Date: January 20-24, 2025
Location: Davos, Switzerland



Our NGO and foundation is built on the principle of putting patients at the center of healthcare, ensuring they have access to essential medicines, health literacy, clinical trials, and a timely diagnosis. 

Partner for Patients NGO (PFP.NGO) is a dedicated and compassionate non-governmental organization headquartered in Basel, Switzerland at Gartenstrasse 95. 
We are a team of volunteers from all walks of life and we are 100% committed to operationalising the United Nations’ 1948 declaration that “access to health is a human right.” 
PFP.NGO will bring together patients, caregivers and key stakeholders, the world’s top academicians, researchers, politicians, business, youth, and civil society leaders, public and private partners to engage in addressing the most pressing issues on the global healthcare agenda. 
Our aim is to be conveners to accelerate health equity, to share insights and co-create unmatched opportunities for innovators to collaborate with patients, NGOs, policymakers and business leaders from around the world.

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