Health is a Fundamental Human Right

 At Partners for Patients NGO, we deliver care to the planet’s most marginalized people.


Since 1990, Partners for Patients NGO has proudly served as a patient advocacy organization, aspiring to serve 193 UN countries.


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Our Vision is to end human suffering
by solving humanity’s greatest health challenges


Our Mission is to help patients access medicines, a timely diagnosis, and clinical trials.
Our Strategy is to partner with patients, caregivers, physicians, parliamentarians, universities, hospitals, civil society leaders, local communities, and governments to address global health disparities

What makes us unique?

Our skills, our deep relationship with parliamentarians and patients
give us the opportunity to take on initiatives that no one else is working on.

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We aim to reduce human suffering by responding to the top 4 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: reduce poverty, reduce hunger, improve health, wellness and improve education.

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